Jump on the bandwagon!

The charcuterie one! Recently got some love from a guest about my charcuterie board:


Was just debating taking it off the menu since its not really moving but its here to stay. Come try it!



My City of Angels

My time in the city of angels has been far from angelic…traffic is no joke, my new kitchen is unforgivably humid, my sous chef disappeared a month after I started, to just start the list of calamities. But I’ve survived. The sky has not yet fallen including the three times it rained in my five months here.

Now it’s fall and the midpoint to winter. The passing of time is hard to gauge without seasonal weather changes, but again just something else to get used to.

Life is strange on this coast but I can’t complain about 0.69 cent avocados or being surrounded by such diverse ethnic cuisine.