Saying goodbye

In my final days at B&O it was important to me to end on a high note. My final two specials…


Roasted pork belly with daikon radish-pickled carrot salad, carrot green pistou, and mixed grains.


Brunch style duck confit with grits, poached egg, and maple vinaigrette.

I’m going to miss a lot of things about the place, my never ending supply of bacon fat, my beef  braise that I started a year ago that has been used and reused, hours of sausage making and pickling projects, and most of all the people- the things I have learned and the relationships I have built.

But with all things, the time has come to move on and continue my journey. I have a very positive outlook on my new restaurant and am very excited to start. New Chef, new food, new ideas.  🙂


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