Playing with hops

Last Friday after making my two latest standards, more cheesecake and more grand marnier flan, the owner at my restaurant handed me a package of citra hops and presented me with the new challenge of making a dessert with them.

I knew I would need to incorporate them into something. My two first instincts were to use simple syrup or cream as a vehicle to incorporate them into a dessert. The simple syrup idea was a dud since the sweetness of the sugar killed the bitter taste of the hops. The cream worked out perfectly, and after sitting overnight I had some hop infused cream which whipped nicely. Folded that into a chocolate mousse, and had (in my eyes) the perfect dessert.

It was unfortunately too-hoppy, so I made angel-food fingers and an ultra-sweet gooseberry (chosen because it was one of the flavors in the hop pellets) preserve. Together everything is very complementary and probably one of my favorite desserts to date.

Played with making something out of a hop-infused lemon custard today. Its not hoppy enough yet so we’ll see how an overnight infusion works…