A line cooks life

Its probably not a good sign…a week into my new job I’m already scouring the Craigslist FBH ads for other positions. Nothing against my new job, its corporate and its a serious adjustment.

The whole idea of working for an established corporation is pretty sweet. Set raises based on performance, a set schedule, actual benefits like paid vacation and health insurance.

But I’m doing exactly what I avoided for months at my previous restaurant. Here’s the thing….I CAN cook, hell I even like to cook, but for some reason cooking on the line always ends with me fussing and moaning with an overly high blood pressure.

Don’t know what it is, maybe its the noise the damn ticket printer makes or maybe its the front of the house staff in and out of the kitchen always wanting and needing something. Or maybe its having to cook to the wit and alleged wisdom of a complete stranger, food that I know personally I could never afford to go out and eat. Its a lot of things, but overall I know I’m unhappy. I start to reconsider all the things I’ve also avoided (and yet thrive at) such as pastry cooking or even catering/banquet cooking.

The one thing I know is life on the line is NOT for me. I’ll give it some time, but I’m not gonna last long.