Behind you!

Quoting from a tweet….”kitchen language translated. “behind you” = “get the fuck out of my way” “behind you, hot” = “I will fucking burn u if you don’t move. Now””

A small rant…I sometimes feel the cooks I share kitchen space simply don’t get the delicate nature of pastry/baking. I try to make it in before everything else needs to be made in the oven and/or the oven needs to get turned up to hellish temperatures (500 degrees). I get that they don’t care when I put cheesecakes in the oven that I don’t appreciate that the also stuff it full of bacon that also needs to be cooked off so I get bacon scented, unevenly cooked cheesecakes.

But what I don’t get, is when I’m running up and down the line shouting behind you or open door, in the short window of time my kitchen is not pumping out food, they don’t get out of the fucking way. Nobody likes playing frogger with hot sheet trays or water bath hotel pans.

Also, stop freaking noshing on my desserts as snacks.

That’s it. Been a long few days and the frustration is starting to show.


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