The flourless chocolate cake debocle

The first time I made these chocolate cakes, my chef kept creeping up on me and saying/screaming “don’t fuck up the cakes…people want cake!” On some level he was joking and it was amusing, on another it really wasn’t. I didn’t fuck that batch up, or any subsequent batch. It became one of those things I did without even thinking about. So I decided to shake things up, and make a Troegs Javahead chocolate cake. And since I’m tired of making all the desserts in the same disposable aluminum souffle tins, I decided to use one of my larger springform pans and to cut out pieces.

All great ideas…in theory. First, the cake wouldn’t set. Maybe it was too big, maybe the batter was too dense. Second, the damn cake fell apart the second I tried to pop it out of the springform pan. Third, I finally get it out of the pan, only to find out the cake hadn’t actually finished cooking. After a string of expletives that would have made my mom super proud, throwing the pan, and throwing the cake in the freezer so I wouldn’t have to look at it. The same chef who constantly claims to know dick about baking suggested I turn it into a bread pudding. Full of hope, the last thing I did tonight was set up the bread pudding to soak overnight. We’ll see how this turns out…


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