Iron Cupcake

The owner of my restaurant informed me a few weeks ago that something called the Iron Cupcake competition wanted to have their fall event at Alewife. They asked if I’d be interesting in participating as either a contestant or a judge. Obviously I chose to compete…I’m a pretty competitive person plus something I probably shouldn’t openly admit…I don’t particularly care for sweets.

Each competition has a theme, this particular one was BOOze (get the double entendre for halloween and alcohol). Fortunately for me, it was a combination of two of my favorite things. Ended up making dark and stormy cupcakes…ginger cupcake base, rum caramel filling, and rum caramel buttercream.

That was the easy part, next I had to figure out how to make it Halloweenish. Grabbed a bunch of food dye from the store, and dyed the buttercream pitch black. It was a start and still needed more. At this point it was thirty minutes before the competition and I had a decent amount of other work to do before dinner service. Glanced around the prep kitchen, grabbed granulated sugar, red and yellow food dye, and who knew it all of a sudden I had orange sprinkles. Done and done!

I ended up with a perfect score tasting wise from the judges (yipee!) But placed third overall. It would have been shady if I won, plus what am I going to do with a gift certificate to my own restaurant and free dessert?


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