Making of Head Cheese, Part II

The second night of this gruesome process involved making yet another consomme. This time, instead of just regular ground meat, we ground up some pork cheeks. It seems with this whole thing, just when you think it can’t get any grosser…IT DOES.

I think the worst part of it all was shredding the meat off the cooked skull. My chef told me to “distinguish between the meaty bits and the nasty bits.” Sure simple enough…except that it all looked pretty nasty.

My partner managed to get together all the garnishes that would be going in the head cheese while I messed around with the chef practicing my beloved chicken roulades (he’s a really GREAT partner for putting up with that). And then we started building our head cheese, just like a very surreal lasagna.

Here’s a shot of it before it went into the refridgerator for the night:

And the final product. Thought it would be fun to have the peas lined up and pretty on the top. But there is really no making this thing pretty…

And no…I didn’t eat it. I don’t even know (or think care) what happened to this thing.


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