Mexican night

Ugh…what a disaster. Almost got in a fight with the master chef because (a) he incorrectly assumed I was Mexican and (b) he took major issue with my decision to shred the chicken.

On the plate, there is Mexican rice, cauliflower, refried beans (on the side), and chicken mole. The chicken mole, which I actually had a hand in cooking, turned out okay. Don’t know if I would have really called it chicken mole since the sauce wasn’t that chocolaty. We also didn’t have the right ingredients (right peppers) available to make the sauce. Not really a surprise, considering half the time the school doesn’t have milk or butter or salt or cornstarch, so why would there be obscure Mexican chillies available? I’m probably harder on myself than I need to be, because the chef seemed to enjoy the dish.

On a sadder note, it was the first time Justin and I individually worked together, and it marked the beginning and end of our professional relationship. Some people just don’t get me…

That dish got thrown in the trash two seconds after this picture was taken.


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