Fish Tacos!

Friday’s during lent, us Catholics don’t eat meat. We do however eat fish. This Catholic, does not care for fish. So this lent, I’ll be looking into ways (other than frozen fish sticks) of eating fish that does not completely weird me out. Unfortunately due to hectic snow make-up days and the competitions last week, fish sticks were on the menu for Ash Wednesday and last Friday. Tonight, inspired by my beautiful new plate and next week’s International menu (Latin America), I decided to make fish tacos…with the help of my two ex-roommates.

The Fishy Part…

We picked up four Tilapia fillets. Seasoned them with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Squeezed a lime on top and sauteed until cooked. After cooking, I ran through the fillets with a fork to get chunky taco meat.

The Green Part

Mmm…guacamole…the home wrecker. For this, chopped half of a medium-sized red onion, half a medium-sized tomato (usually get the six-pack that is on the vine), and mince half a jalapeno pepper. Add some cilantro leaves. Core out two avocados and mash all ingredients together. Squeeze a lime on (for extra flavor and to prevent oxidizing) and that’s about it.

The Red Part

A quick pico de gallo, the rest of that medium sized red onion, another tomato + the rest of the one from before, the rest of the jalapeno, a few more cilantro leaves, and squeeze another lime.


Toast or microwave a few tortillas, add whatever other fixing you want (we had both sour cream and a Mexican cheese mix), and eat! Unfortunately no pictures were taken of the final product because the tacos went straight from making our hands to our mouths. But I think overall, the stronger flavors of the guacamole and pico de gallo killed any fishy flavor the tilapia had. Already contemplating what next Friday’s fish dish will be…


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