One Pot Cooking & Aspic

Gold Winning One Pot Dish: Lamb Stew with Couscous & Harissa Oil

The Challenge: Cook a complete meal only using one pot in two hours. The dynamic duo, renamed as Shake and Bake, came together with a double boiler, a 15 lb leg of lamb, lots of beautifully chopped vegetables, and the hot & sexy harissa oil. Out came the gold medal plate! Our mise en place was on point, our sanitation and organization were tight, and the chef critiquing us was reaching for things to nit pick on. It’s always great seeing a seasoned chef tear through your food.

Bronze Medal Winning Aspic Dish: Lamb Chops with Roasted Potatoes & Asparagus served with a Red Pepper Coulis

Now this was strange. And most definitely not for me. Preparing food that doesn’t end up being eaten, just presented is a complete mind bender. All this food had to be individual coated in this weird, gelatinous, aspic stuff. Truth be told I’d rather be cooking, than plating. Soooo…probably won’t be doing something like this again.


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