Can you imagine walking into a classroom and seeing that??? Kinda crazy, but this was actually a great learning experience. Our chef showed us how to break down the whole thing, pointing out along the way where everything comes from. What better understanding of ham, bacon, ribs, pork chops, etc., than to actually see where it comes from on the animal.

Here’s a shot of the head and all the funky little bits you can get out of it:

Apparently, the tongue is one of the best parts. The ears can be braised and then deep fried, and (again apparently) taste just like pork cracklings. The sweet breads (thymus glands) are another delicacy. Kinda cringing as I remember this.

We ended up braising all the pieces of it together (including the head). And then shredding it all up. Someone made a really yummy sesame flavored fried rice and another person made chimichurri sauce. We cored out some coconuts and below is the final product:


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