A False Start

My final first day of class was this past Wednesday. And in my excitement, I thought we were cooking. But we weren’t cooking, our chef was cooking for us. An unexpected treat as my previous chef instructor never (really) cooked anything. I was lucky enough to be the chef’s little assistant (read: dish bitch/runner).

The cool thing about this class is the freedom we have been given. Every week we get to pick what we want to cook. The chef feels (correctly in my opinion) that we shouldn’t go through our culinary education and not cook all the things we want to. So we all paired up, I picked my partner-in-crime. We sat around making a crazy list of all the things we want to do. Mostly protein type stuff that we’ve never cooked or broken down. On the menu for next week: Monkfish with a tomato and basil risotto and a buerre blanc sauce.

We also get to design our own restaurant. From kitchen and front of the house design, to the menu, and staff scheduling. Not really sure where I am going to go with this, but I’m thinking some sort of small-plates fusion restaurant, in honor to my person (get it, I’m small and a fusion of cultures…hehe…clever or at least I thought so).

Two more semi-eventful things: (1) Found a line cook position! Which is exciting because I’ve never cooked on a line before and get some more experience in the kitchen. (2) Went to another competition type event and am beyond excited to get back in the kitchen and start competing and more importantly cooking again.


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