Does bacon really make everything taste better? At some point I really started to wonder this…because at some point I felt like the whole bacon usage in culinary school was going a tad bit overboard. We toyed with the idea of turning the whole bacon thing into a sinister drinking game where we would take a shot every time our instructor suggested we use bacon in a dish. Fortunately this never turned into anything because I would not have a single passing memory of my nights in culinary school.

But seriously here are some (excessive) ways we’ve put bacon in dishes:

  • Render bacon fat to cook veggies in for soup
  • Render bacon fat to cook braised red cabbage
  • Mince bacon to add to mashed potatoes
  • Wrap bacon around fish
  • Mix minced bacon with breadcrumbs and use that to bread fish
  • Render bacon fat to cook veggies/mushrooms going in risotto
  • Mince bacon to add to a salad
  • Bacon in chocolate & Bacon flavored ice cream (other classes did this but STILL)
  • Bacon wrapped turkey (again never actually made this but it was recommended by freaking Escoffier because turkey meat tends to be dry — see below)

WHAT IS WITH THE BACON? In my humble opinion, this great, fatty and salty guilty pleasure is completely overplayed. Everything starts to taste like bacon. Everything is salty and greasy and just well bacony. What happened to eating a slice or two with breakfast? Or the occasional indulgence of adding it to a cheeseburger? But ffs…lets not cook everything with or in bacon. I love the stuff but I love my arteries and health more. I feel myself having a heart attack as I write this post.

But until then I will continue to conform to the BIC culinary standard of baconating everything. And don’t even get me started on the butter…. =)


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